Snacks, Treats and Chews

With a knick knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone.

In England we grew up singing the nursery rhyme in the title above, but it was only recently I asked the question, what exactly is paddywhack? After doing a little research I found out it is a tough stretchy ligament often pale yellow in colour from the neck of cattle and sheep.

If you've ever given a dog an item made from Paddywhack, you would see that the more they chew the softer and stretchier it becomes. When we were young, we would take them off the dog because they never could break it down to swallow, raw hide is much the same. However some are not aware that due to the paddywhack or rawhide being so tough and stretchy, if swallowed, it can cause an obstruction in the digestive tract, which often will result in your dog needing surgery.

Nowadays there is so much available, our dogs are spoilt for choice, but how do you know what is good for them? Our pups need treats that are tasty, healthy and safe, so lets take a look at a selection of what's on offer.

Natural Hard Chews: There is a good variety of chew from natural sources that are ideal for both teething and heavy chewers. These include various size antlers from Deer and Elk, Yak chews and uncooked knuckled bones.

Dehydrated Treats: made from mostly muscle meat or organ meat. It is natural, digestible, and very tasty. Varieties range from chicken and duck strips to beef jerky or liver drops and fish skins to name a few. You can also find dried sweet potato, apples and squash. The best thing about these treats is they all could be made at home, so you can customise your dogs menu to suit their individual needs.

Frozen Raw Chews: Usually made from organs, treats range from beef and lamb lung squares, chicken and duck necks, to beef tracheae, rabbit ears and sprats.

Squeezy Cheesy Treats: Now we get into a world of squeezy cheese that can fill up chew toys to enrich the play experience. But there's also fish paste, coconut oil, doggy peanut butter and natural bio yogurt for special occasions.

Dried Biscuits: These have in the recent past been the most prevalent treats available, usually made with grains and little nutritional content. However things are changing and you can purchase some that are like akin to a top quality vegan nutritional bar with chia seeds, pumpkin, dried fruit and organic coconut oil.

Happy shopping.

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